There are two types of medical negligence. One happens when a hospital makes a mistake in the emergency room, and the other happens when a doctor makes a mistake, which includes surgeries, misdiagnosis, and prescribing the wrong treatment. The message is written in Spanish, and this is the English translation.

Medical negligence can result in injuries, brain damage, memory loss, cerebral palsy, and other injuries.

We, here at Valdebenito & Voelpel, PC are familiar with and understand the responsibilities of doctors, medical personnel, and legal procedures. With this knowledge, we can assist you and determine if you have a claim for medical negligence.

What to do when a loved one is hospitalized and being treated negligently?

All hospitals and medical centers have an obligation to develop a care plan for each patient. This care plan must be discussed with the family member or custodian who has admitted the patient to the medical center. This family member or custodian should also be invited to the meeting to prepare the plan. In many cases, the health clinic does not comply with the standards established in this care plan, which can be lethal for patients.

This is especially important when the patient is someone who has little ability to defend themselves or speak for themselves, such as young children, the elderly, and babies.

Medical negligence can change your life. If you believe there was an error during the surgical process or you or a loved one was mistreated in the emergency room, call us to find out if you deserve compensation for your injuries or damages.