“How long will my case take?”

Can an agreement be reached before the trial?

“What is your legal fee?”

“How are demand expenses managed?”

“What do I need to do to ensure the success of my claim?” (This is a link to a section about legal rights.)

How long will my case take?

We process our clients' cases in the most vigorous and clear way possible. Certain cases may take months to conclude, but due to court congestion, a lawsuit can take a couple of years to reach court. In the preliminary stages, we collect records and medical reports, obtain accident and employment records, take photographs, and perform other types of investigations. Additionally, we investigate and develop theories of damages and responsibilities. Once the lawsuit formally begins, we exchange medical information, wage records, expert witness information, and other types of documentation with our adversaries. Deposition testimony from all sides and certain witnesses must be taken, and the injured plaintiff must undergo a medical examination performed by a physician employed by the opposing side. We finish all investigation before trial as quickly as possible, but there is always a waiting period before we can obtain a fixed date for trial in court.

"Is it possible to reach an agreement before the trial?"

Negotiations can take place at any stage of the claim. Most of our negotiations are with insurance companies. As long as there is an opportunity to obtain a fair settlement for our clients, we make every effort to negotiate. Usually, insurance companies have little incentive to reach an agreement and therefore case resolution occurs more often in the later stages of the claim. We will always keep you informed of any potential settlement.

"What is your legal quota?"

We handle personal injury cases on a contingency basis. This means that you do not pay a legal fee unless you receive money for your damages. The contingency fee is typically one-third of your monetary recovery. We will give you a written retainer agreement that clearly explains this arrangement. The initial consultation is free!

How are the expenses of the lawsuit managed?

Preparing and handling a lawsuit necessarily involves spending money on court fees and records, investigation costs, transcription expenses, payment for medical reports and records, expert witness fees, and other expenses. As a courtesy to our clients, and realizing that some of our clients might find it burdensome and inconvenient to pay these costs upfront, we always advance these expenses. These costs are reimbursable at the conclusion of the case.

"What do I have to do for my lawsuit to be successful?"

To achieve the best possible outcome in your case, you and our lawyers must work together. We have an obligation to keep you informed so that you know exactly what is happening in your lawsuit at all times. Our lawyers and staff will work closely with you. We want you to feel comfortable and confident when you participate in your case. For example, if it becomes necessary for you to testify at a pre-trial examination or in court, you will be given advance notice so that you can arrange your personal schedule. In each case, our lawyers will advise you in advance to tell you exactly what to expect, how to behave, and how to answer questions in a direct and responsive manner.

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